Hon. S. Dantjie Speakers to Dinokana Congregants about Xenophobia at the RHR (Reconciliation, Healing & Renewal Session) on 24th April 2015

The NWPL Speaker Hon. Susana Dantjie condemned criminal activities perpetrated by some of the Citizens hiding behind xenophobia. She said this doesn’t have anything to do with xenophobia but it is pure criminal activity hence all the time people are stealing from businesses of foreign nationals. Are we saying our own children working and studying abroad be killed in the foreign lands where they are outside their country of birth? This is a question posed by the Nwpl Speaker Hon. Susana Dantjie to attendants. We must all act responsibly and condemn all the negative acts. The Nwpl Speaker Hon. Susana Dantjie appealed to all and sundry to condemn every element of xenophobia and crime. Tlogelang go nna bo seila kgaka dinwa moro. She said it can’t be correct to claim that foreign nationals take their job opportunities as that doesn’t hold. She said, the truth is, because of apartheid, South Africans are unskilled in some critical engineering areas hence we need to interact with other nationals and learn the skills we so dearly need. Lehurutshe in South Africa played a pivotal role in the politics of the country. Because of the role Lehurutshe played in the emancipation of the country it remains relevant to grace the all important RHR Session, said Hon. Dantjie. To all individuals and families who requested for the repatriation of the remains of their loved ones who died in exile, the Nwpl Speaker Hon Susana Dantjie apologised for inconveniences caused and committed to ensure that the necessary interventions and mitigation be implemented. There is no need to panic as the situation is under control, where necessary the deployment of soldiers to hotshot areas will be duly considered, this assurance was given by the Nwpl Speaker Hon Susana Dantjie during the Rhr Session at Dinokana. She further appealed to the citizenry to stop damaging or removing the statues as it is too costly to remove such statues as the expertise required to do such is costly instead such funds should rather be channelled towards service delivery. Making reference to the State President’s directive that our energies must be channelled towards addressing the challenges facing the country particularly xenophobia. Taking a leaf from that, the Nwpl Speaker Hon Susana Dantjie called on all and sundry to follow suite and do their utmost best in ensuring that there is healing and reconciliation. Instead of condemning and killing the foreign nationals whom we accuse of taking away our job opportunities we rather need to get closer to them and learn from the best as it is clear that they possess some skill we are lacking, said Nwpl Speaker Hon Susana Dantjie. The graves of our own heroes, Moses Kotane and J B Marks were held in high esteem in the foreign land without arguments being raised that they were foreigners in Russia, so said the Speaker of the Nwpl Hon Susana Dantjie. She encouraged attendants of the Dinokana RHR to take a leaf from the Russians and start to respect foreign nationals in our country because we all are made in the image of God.


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