The core objective of the Legislature is to pass laws for the North West Province and to oversee their implementation by the Executive Council and other related structures.


Review of all laws passed by the Legislature to determine their effectiveness with regards to transforming our society;

Improving the way in which Sectorial parliaments are handled, so that they can become a tool for public participation in our legislative and oversight process;

Raising awareness of young people about the existence of the Legislature by visiting and lecturing to students about the activities of the Legislature and how they (students) can participate;

Professionalizing the administration of the Legislature;

Strengthening our oversight effectiveness by scrutinizing annual reports in time, and conducting related oversight visits and public hearings; and

Improving the effectiveness of public hearings to ensure quality input by members of the public in our legislative process


    • To Foster Oversight
    • Public Participation
    • Law Making Processes through Robust Debates to instil Public Pride and
    • Confidence in Democracy


    • Creditability;
    • Honesty;
    • Integrity: and
    • Respect.