Constitutional, Legislative and other Mandates

Members of the Provincial Legislature are elected to represent the people and their constitutional mandate is to ensure Government by the people, by providing a forum for public consideration of issues, by passing transformatory legislation, scrutinising and overseeing executive organs of state.

The core function of the Legislature is to pass laws for the North West Province and to oversee organs of state.

The Main Services to be delivered by the North West Provincial Legislature are the following:

To pass or amend a constitution for the North West Province.
To pass legislation for the North West Province.
To recommend to the National Assembly legislation concerning any matter outside the authority of the North West legislature, or where national law prevails over the provincial law.
To oversee the activities of the Executive Council and other organs of state; and
To ensure public participation and oversight activities of the Legislature.

Values and Principles

In striving for service excellence and best practice, the Legislature subscribes to the following values:

a. Fairness

The Legislature shall at all times act in a fair manner towards executing its duties. We will also uphold our principles of impartiality and independence.

b. Transparency, Accessibility and Accountability

The Legislature is committed to upholding the Batho Pele principle of transparency, accountability and accessibility. The Legislature undertakes to, at all times, be accessible to all stakeholders, to be transparent in the conduct of its core business, and to take full accountability of its actions.

c. Participation

The Legislature is committed to improving and developing its public participation processes. To involve stakeholder in the legislative process.

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    • To Foster Oversight
    • Public Participation
    • Law Making Processes through Robust Debates to instil Public Pride and
    • Confidence in Democracy


    • Creditability;
    • Honesty;
    • Integrity: and
    • Respect.